So these past few weeks, I've been looking through the net on different design internships available abroad. Luckily, I found one I felt in love with instantly, ArtBound Initiative. Yes it may be expensive, but to me, It's all worth it. Their program fee covers almost everything, visa fees, insurances, housing, transpo card, workshops, and many more.

The internship program connects with Organizations and Companies in New York, Berlin, and Hong Kong which offers mostly in Arts and Design, but as well as in Marketing, PR and Communications.

The moment I found out about this internship, I got hooked, I started imagining myself in NYC with my Starbucks, walking to work, going home and starting all over again the next day. If you know me, you know my love for coffee but most especially, my love for NYC, and the thought of just interning and living in the Concrete Jungle is giving me tears of Joy. So, you guys might think.. Why New York? What makes it so unique from other countries? Here's what I think.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, which is also know as the "Asia's New York", everything and everyone here is so fast-paced, people are always working, rushing, hustling, and not everyone has time for themselves. You may be thinking, why not just stay in HK since it's basically "Asia's New York".. The thing is, I've always thought I'll never get tired of HK and that I'll never leave but now I get it. There was this time in class when a teacher of mine asked us what we thought of HK, and one of my classmates answered saying "To me, HK is a place you stay at but then leave.. It's temporary", at the time I thought that won't be true for me, but time goes by and now I realized that I do want to get out of here, Fast! (Kidding but not really.)

Hong Kong has become more and more westernized, with people from different parts of the world living here, different cultures coincide, and etc, but Hong Kong is not that immersed with the Arts Culture as much as it is in NYC. Arts in HK is not really recognized much and that appreciated, since everyone here is more on Finances and on the Culinary side. While, NYC gives attention and is much more immersed in the Arts Culture, and for me, being there (not because it's my fave city) is an amazing opportunity.

When you are studying Arts & Design, it is very important for you to be immersed and to learn different Cultures and discover different and innovative Arts, and TRAVELING is how you do it. Especially when you intern abroad, it'll be an amazing experience to meet new people, make new friends, learn new skills, and be able to get more connections in the industry you are in. BEING ABROAD, that first step, is actually one big deal already. Having that in your resume will help open doors for you, and it may be easier to find a job in the future.

So When do I plan to intern? My school doesn't actually have a 3-month summer vacation, so I plan to do it after I graduate.. but let's focus on the now (for now lol), I have less that a year to finish my studies and be able to graduate. I'm starting to apply, (and am also starting to search other internship abroad programs) but what ever happens.. It's God's plan.

If you are reading this, I also encourage you to dream big, make the most out of your life and your passions. Adolescence and YAs are the time to discover one's self and figure out what your purpose is. Go travel, discover your PURPOSE, and never give up.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Alex