I was insipired to do one of these when I came upon a sample on the internet, and so I did. I might be a bit late since I am now 19 but why not.

1. People push you only because they want you to succeed and for you to be the best you can be. They want you to strive and work hard to achieve your dreams, they are not mad.

2. People come & go. It’s like the saying, “there are people you meet for a reason, a season, and a lifetime”, not everyone you meet during your life will BE in your life forever.

3. The world is not perfect. Even people, nobody is perfect. I try to see the good in it tho, in the midst of everything that is happening, there is always beauty in imperfections and of course, Hope.

4. Love wins. There’s no doubt that bad things will happen in our lives and in our society, but love will always be the source that will bring people together, and we have to show it even in the simplest of ways.

5. Frenemies. We’ve all met certain people in our lives who we consider as friends but also can’t help but hate and gossip about them, yet we hang out with them even when years have passed.

6. People are at their own pace. Not everyone has their life figured out, some may have started college in their 20s-30s, some may have started their jobs in their 40s, but they are not you and you are not them. People live their lives differently.

7. Criticism will always be around. There will be people who will acknowledge your work, but there will also be people who will hate on it. In these situations, I try to not take them too seriously but try to take it as constructive criticisms to better myself.

8. Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. It’s alright to have your alone time, and I personally like being alone, it gives me time to think, to do my own things, and just appreciate my own time. It makes me happy.

9. It’s never too late for anything. There’s no limit to what you can do in life, we all have the time in the world to start something. You may have been putting it off for some time, but as soon as you get back to it, you’re back.

10. There’s no harm in saying no. You don’t always have to force yourself to say “yes” to something you clearly don’t want to, just say “no”, tell the truth, and hope the counterperson understands.

11. Failing doesn’t make you weak, but learning from it makes you stronger.

12. Choose your friends wisely. Be friends with those who bring out the best in you, not the worst in you. Those who encourage you, not criticise you. Those who who love you truly, and not only for what you have.

13. If you are focused and determined, you can achieve anything.

14. Networking is everything, meeting people is the way to make connections and find job opportunities and etc.

15. Take every opportunity that comes your way, if you end up not proceeding with it you’ll probably regret it at the end.

16. It’s not bad to drink, just don’t drink to an extreme amount.

17. You’ll not always be the smartest one in the room.

18. Take chances & Just live.